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The compulsory courses are 0-credit courses of Physical Education Courses (I) (II) (III) and (IV). Students can complete the 4 PE courses in any 4 semesters, but we strongly advise that students complete the course as soon as possible so that they can graduate smoothly.

No, the compulsory PE courses can’t be offset by the elective PE courses. Whether elective physical education courses would be counted as the department's graduation credits must be confirmed with each department.

Please select PE courses by the course selection system. However, senior students, repeat students, extended students, transfer students, and students who entered early in the school year will be required to manually sign for courses within a required length of time.

Because the compulsory physical education is 0 credits, as long as the course selection system accepts repeated course selection, the course can be entroled again. But please confirm whether you have completed physical education (I) and physical education (II). However, we still encourage students to experience and learn various sports.


There are Anniversary Events Celebrating, the Department Border Competitions, the Physical Fitness Week and the Water Safety week which are held every school year.

You can search for the information at Physical Education Office’s website or NCKU’s Sports teams’ Facebook Fan pages.

Please click the button of “Sports team” at the Physical Education Office’s website, so that you would find each sport team’s Facebook Fan page


Please check with the online lending system to see if there is any vacant space available on that day. If there is any vacant space, you can borrow and pay at the counter on the first floor of the Sheng-Li Sports Center.

You can transfer general tickets (not Discount ticket) to other students, or bring a diploma and bankbook photocopy to the first floor of the Sheng-Li Sports Center counter to apply for a refund.